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From the ticket in the subway system to the monitoring and control system in the community, from financial information platform to logistics information platform, from industrial design to the electronic commerce, to offer the middle one, two, three industry as a service industry, producer services is to keep our country industrial production process continuity, promote industrial technology progress and industrial upgrading, and improve production efficiency to provide security service in the service industry. In recent years, the productive service industry has made great development in our country, the total scale expands unceasingly. It is predicted that by the end of the 12th five-year, the added value of producer services will reach 15.8 trillion yuan, producer services will account for 55% of all services, an average annual compound growth rate of 21%. In some areas, producer services even present a growth rate higher than industries and services. This is a set of data from Shanghai, the period of "11th five-year plan" period, the average annual growth rate of more than 15% of producer services in Shanghai, key productive service enterprise 2010 operating income of 410.59 billion yuan, up 23.8% from a year earlier, to 2015, the added value of producer services in Shanghai is expected to be more than doubled in 2010, the high-end producer services across the country gather radiative zone. In recent years, many areas in our country, the productive service industry has made great progress. To this, the ministry of industry and information technology ministry members, chief engineer, said zhu hongren, to make a clear definition of the target and key tasks of industrial transformation and upgrading, promoting to intensive and efficient resource utilization way, especially to develop the producer services. To promote the integration development of manufacturing and services, interactive development, speed up the development of modern logistics, and software services, e-commerce, information services, such as industrial design producer services. Carrier industry has developed rapidly in recent years, more optimized structure of producer services. Among them, the software and information technology services industry scale expands unceasingly, the adjustment of structure and layout, the share of producer services for larger ascension. 2010, our country to realize software business income is 2010 yuan, industry scale expand 22 times than in 2000, an average annual rate of about 36%, the global share of less than 5% by up to 5%. By the rapid development of industrial design industry, a group of famous manufacturing enterprise attaches great importance to and widely used industrial design, achieved significant results. A number of well-known enterprises such as haier, lenovo by vigorously developing industrial design, realized the brand development. Design service level gradually improve, service content to the brand strategy and marketing, and other fields. According to statistics, at present, our country's fledgling professional industrial design company has more than 1200, thousands of universities set up a professional industrial design or related major, training design talents more than 30 ten thousand people a year. New technology has played a significant role to the development of producer services. In logistics industry, for example, the informationization level of development continued ascension, accelerated the construction of logistics information platform, the nearly 600 have been built and under construction of logistics park are deployed logistics information platform. The Internet of things, such as innovation and application of modern information technology in the field of logistics level rising, with barcode and rfid technology logistics enterprise ratio above 10%. In addition, represented by basic telecom operators of communications services enterprises made positive efforts in expanding production services and explore. Telecommunications service industry application types continue to increase, involving multiple domains such as video surveillance, traceability of agricultural products, development of the global eyes, police, NongQing scheduling and other service products. At present, has for more than hundred companies to provide the related information service products, help enterprises to improve the level of informatization, promote enterprises improve service users, rapid response ability of market and strengthen internal management, cost savings. Integration quickening pace gradually yutong bus co., LTD., general manager of NiuBo so interpret their car networking operating system: "it makes the vehicle became a network of smart mobile terminals, car and the car was achieved by vehicle electronic equipment, vehicles and people, cars and network connection between cities, more intelligent, more safe driving.


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