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Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


It is a professional packaging machine designed for bearing package. it is mainly used in the factory without automatic pallet wrapper.  The machine  is for meetting the requirements of product packaging sample first, if they make samples conform to the requirements of the packing can be produced according to this template. If do not conform to the can be modified on the computer graphics, adjust a prototype, which can avoid the manufacturer of the raw material waste, to speed up the design model of the transition.


Features of equipment


1. Sample design diversification, the use of quick, save time, make the enterprise out of the sample to fast, accurate, in the province of purpose.

2. It can solve the plight of small batch production is difficult, for small batch product orders can be directly on the carton proofing machine to complete production.

3. Lower labor cost (no need to sample maker hand-made knife mold proofing), save a lot of time into the product design and development work, so as to achieve the effect of a more perfect products.

4. Audiocodes carton proof press to show the strength of the company to improve the company's image, greatly increases the chances of company for business orders.


Function characteristics:

1: advanced technology, stable high speed vibration cutting, can accurate and fast cutting paper, PVC, PET, grey board, all kinds of corrugated paper, composite paper and honeycomb cardboard materials;

2: the advanced wheel pressure crease technology, and equipped with a variety of crushing wheel, used for different specifications of the packaging product line pressing work;

3: the advanced control system, can cut serrated knife line (dashed line), and half to wear

4: bring drawing function, can quickly draw diagram of the knife mold, provide convenience for the knife mould post-production;

5: bring the most advanced laser positioning technology, can be set up to any location to locate the cutting, can be convenient, fast complete the proofing color packaging products;

6: data checking, closed to the design drawing, overlap, such as inspection, cutting processing, in order to avoid the sample appear not cut off, in the same place, repeated cutting and line pressing problems;

Line 7: merging functions of design drawing of all line automatically merged, when cutting and line pressing processing, avoid superfluous action, achieve rapid not pause work, enhances the working efficiency of the bearing packing machine and working accuracy;

8: laser set arbitrary para position, can be set on any part of design of laser alignment position, to processing, the color products registration more convenient and fast;

9: breakpoint continuingly functions, in the process of bearing packing machine work, suddenly interrupted by external causes, to return to work after can be from part time to finish the sample production;


The bearing packing machine is able to provide film and paper packing.


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