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The Chinese coil packaging line:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


Coil packaging line industry has gradually become the important role of manufacturing industry in China, according to data show that China's Coil packaging line industry is to keep the growth rate of around 16% a year, China has become the world's largest commodity producer and exporter, and for all packages installed on the international enterprises, China already is a largest and the most potential market.
The development trend of domestic Coil packaging line
In recent years, the development of China's Coil packaging line has been slow or even stagnation phenomenon, from the development of the industry and market demand analysis, although there are many different kinds of packing machine, but whether it is the current domestic market hot pot bed charge filling machine or powder packaging machine or particle packing machine and a series of models, lack of innovation of technology, the old mechanical equipment are restricts the development of domestic enterprises, in order to get rid of the status quo, packaging machine industry must have the innovation, out of a road of independent research and development of new and high technology and production, it will be a trend of domestic packaging machine.
Domestic Coil packaging line technology innovation is not enough
At present, many enterprises producing packing machine for research and development of the overall technology level is still far from reach the international first-class level, the manufacture is the key to the high-end equipment, for the demand of the market can't meet, along with the development of industry is not perfect system, the domestic packaging machine development is relatively backward. Domestic packaging machine enterprises because of the lack of technology, many products and accessories are introduced from abroad, although this is largely to speed up the development of packaging industry in China, close to the packaging machine industry in China and developed countries, for example, but too dependent on foreign high-end equipment and technology, for the whole packaging machine industry in our country appears to be a big negative impact, so we should increase the high-end technology research and development and the ability of independent innovation, is to get rid of the symptoms of dependence on foreign technology at an early date.
Humanized packaging machine products
If you want to in the packaging market, then it is packing machine has high flexibility and flexible, in simple terms, that is, human nature. Due to the different customer's demand, at present, the size of the production line to have the ability in a certain range for packaging size can change, this is because the product life cycle on the market is far shorter than the life of equipment, in the customer change the product and packaging are not replace the expensive of a complete set of packaging production line, in order to reach the purpose of saving money.
As many areas of our domestic economy supporting industry, packaging machine greatly benefit due to the prosperity of other industries, its technology and supporting services also will lead to the development of other industries. Due to the proliferation of domestic Coil packaging line industry, all kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises increase, lead to produce equipment both in quality and performance are not up to standard, anhui is far packaging technology co., LTD., as local enterprises in anhui province, its production and research and development of the equipment is on the contrary, as the country has nearly 20 years old packaging machine manufacturing enterprises, always adhere to the core technology research and development for this, with improving the performance and the quality is good, can be said to be one of the leader of domestic Coil packaging line industry



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