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The Chinese pallet stretch wrapping machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

In order to break this embarrassing situation thirst orders for  automatic pallet stretch wrapping amchine, many domestic enterprises began to go to the stretch packing exhibition in Wuhan , Wenzhou, the industry's leading stretch packing exhibition show. The above data show that the show 's official website , Shenyang stretch packing , Dongtai , Haitian Group , represented by more than 600 well-known enterprises gathered in the field . Industry analysts said that , in addition to showing the brand image, the largest domestic exhibitors purposes or in order to be able to embrace the show for some orders , also regarded as a recognized promotion and publicity .

In this regard, the machine factory store marketing plan , analysts said , the traditional exhibition publicity mode , the show can be harvested in order to stand a large multi- brand sound, well-known stretch packing business , most SMEs exhibitors and more become a foil, exposure and the number of orders is difficult and famous enterprises , need to look for other ways to pull orders , e-commerce after all, a good way to invest less effective .

As we all know , e-commerce has become an industry indispensable means of publicity . Renowned manufacturing B2B websites , including Alibaba , World Marketplace logo , HC , factory outlets , Marco Polo , etc., most of which are free mode of operation for enterprise promotion provides an excellent platform. It is worth mentioning that the factory store (www.gongchang.cn) which settled the threshold established business model , breaking the existing information cohabitation, unable to distinguish between true and false situation , first into a single post-paid model also eliminates the enterprise for investment output ratio doubts impossible to assess , and therefore attracts the likes of Doosan , Shenyang stretch packing, Nanjing, stretch packings and other world-renowned brands have settled in and began to get involved in e-commerce. Zhang said that a few years ago most of the state-owned enterprises or well-known e-commerce brand manufacturers still scoff , rarely ignored ; concern and even now they take the initiative to participate in e-commerce, which is not a small improvement , it will also lead the rise of e-commerce tool industry to a new level .


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