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Accurate to its persistence for supplying full service to its customers, Tesem - one among Europe's major suppliers of aluminium parts for that cologne and aesthetic industry - continually invests in the advancement of their creation procedures. 2013 is a huge 12 months in which Tesem has seriously purchased aluminium decorations and assembly functions using the purchase of the latest equipment and also the creating of your environmentally operated area.

Decor Devices

Investment in new
machines symbolizes an exponential rise in capacity and possibilities for aluminium accessories supplied by the Tesem group of people. The business has acquired and automated two of the very most advanced and updated laserlight engraving devices out there.

procedure improvements follow the installing of two display screen publishing equipment plus a controlled electronic stove. One particular unit comes with numerical handles, a process that facilitates the adornment of components having particular geometric shapes. Another device is automated and enables the creation of large numbers of simply-molded pieces.

Together with the acquisition of this new equipment, the current Tesem variety for aluminium adornment now includes six laser beam engraving machines and 4 display screen publishing equipment. Equipment will be expanded inside the coming months with three new auto monitor generating equipment.

Bright white Area

bright white place is definitely an separated place within the assemblage herb using a managed setting to help keep out remnants of dust and particles. The new area is meant for construction of extremely vulnerable goods, primarily from your makeup products industry, where by portion of the packing is probably going to come into primary exposure to the merchandise.

The clearance of
debris from cardboard as well as other components in the other set up grow has also been increased by the total divorce of equipment from cardboard product packaging by using a partition panel.

purchases improve the company's present capabilities and expertise in aluminium packaging: aluminium deeply-drawing and stamping, merchandise advancement, anodizing, plastic injection, assembly, decorations, engravings and finishes. Many of these functions occur in the group's 4 manufacturing vegetation based in the town of
Torell¨? (Barcelona).



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