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The Chinese coil packaging line:


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As coil packaging machine equipment manufacturers are hard to adapt to the market, develop the complicated and changeful non-standard equipment to meet the needs of production goods enterprises, and sometimes it is changeable and uncertain demand, non-standard mechanical not well reflect the purpose of the user on the function, the device will cause downtime, not practical, even waste, waste of resources.
These actions in a certain extent, promote the development of the society, but the other side of the coin as excessive packaging. Now quantitative packaging products such as powder, granule, liquid, paste, tablet, etc., take the form of a variety of packaging, plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic bags.
A kind of glass bottle have differentiate into tens of thousands of kinds of bottle type, in order to meet these bottles, the filling machine have to develop the so-called universal filling machine. Filling measurement from 0 to infinity, the equipment can adapt so bottle type, degree of filling equipment precision and stable performance and practical.
Visible it is particularly important to the establishment of industry standards in the current, our country existing standards and guide specifications of coil packaging line has been not adapt to the development of globalization. Current coil packaging machine technology level is low in our country, export difficulties, issues such as food security, is the lack of advanced and applicable to a great extent, meet the requirements of the internationally accepted technical standards and specifications. Therefore, coil packaging machine technical standard system revision work, increase in line with international standards requirements or content is the top priority. Implement the technical standards of internationalization, is the key to improve the grade of coil packaging machine technology in China.
If the future packaging industry has a standard, effective form of packaging, to a commodity rules effective packaging specifications, suggest the most suitable filling equipment, so there is no doubt that make the efficiency of resources and get a qualitative change, so the future development of coil packaging machine is determined by the standardization of packaging industry.
So coil packaging machine industry should adhere to a high starting point, high standard way of positioning, positive reference to the eu standards and international standards, domestic technical standards formulated or revised, change the face of the backward technology standard in our country as soon as possible.



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