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Coil master and eye through stretch wrapper development should be flexible Throughout China's packaging market, Coil master and eye through stretch wrapper industry has a very big development space, each enterprise to continue the search for a gap, to learn new technology, update the technology to make it into the traditional mechanical manufacturing technology, make the soft power with hard power further financing, guarantee the development of the social supporting. Flexible power production of Coil master and eye through stretch wrapper development train of thought Meet the requirement of the development concept of flexible production. Packing machines from a single, each yield rate in ascension indeed, but more than once appear, change the packing way, the machine will delay, it can't do the split-second, column matrix of debugging specifications and production scheduling, and in single is sure to change a template, not only consumes time, increase the wear and has improved the manufacturing cost, cannot complete personalized quality requirement. From the enterprise's competition in the market,The A-Z Directory the upgrading of product cycles are getting shorter, it is to comment flexible and flexibility of Coil master and eye through stretch wrapper has high requirements, the Coil master and eye through stretch wrapper is far greater than the life of a product's life cycle. Because only in this way can meet the requirements of the product's production efficiency. This makes we start overall examine the connotation of the concept of flexible, namely the amount of flexibility, flexibility in construction and supply flexibility. And supply flexibility also involves to the movement of Coil master and eye through stretch wrapper control system. Flexible production to promote China's Coil master and eye through stretch wrapper among the \"powers\" In particular, to make the Coil master and eye through stretch wrapper with good flexibility and flexibility, and improve degree of automation, it need to adopt microcomputer technology, function module, monitor multiple robots work at the same time, make the product change only the requirements of the transfer process can be. Packaging industry in the process of industrialization, the manufacturing technology to realize the scale and diversification, diversification and individuation of demand further intensified market competition, in order to reduce production costs, packaging companies consider establish a flexible production line, realize flexible manufacturing without efficient servo control system to support. In the development of packaging production line, control and integrated product/technology plays a more and more important role. In order to achieve faster and more flexible production targets, traditionally done by mechanical components function is now more and more by the servo system. For example, electronic CAM and replaces mechanical CAM gear and gear, do not need to \"hard/mechanical connection between multiaxial high precision synchronization. Packaging production line, therefore, not only need to interlock control, fast and high precision servo control is needed. Can fulfill the function of the integrated controller/system will than independent PLC control scheme of the servo controller in the programming, debugging and maintenance and so on various aspects are more benefits for the user. Requirement, in order to achieve flexible packaging production line of the tight coupling between each other, in every process equipment for packaging production line and other production line linkage to each other. Due to different controller respectively control process or production line, this will create a problem of mutual coordination between different controllers. User organizations, therefore, the international packaging association (OMAC/PACML) put forward the object encapsulation of structured and standardized machine status management functions, accordingly, to integrate the functions of the control system can ensure that users with less time and cost to realize the whole line, even the whole factory production synergy. Realizing flexible production, also means that the control system of real-time data should be integrated and factory production management information system of relational database of the two-way communication ability. That is to say, from order pool formation and production scheduling management of software production control instruction to be passed to packaging production line control system in a timely manner; And, packaging production line control system will be running status and production status need to be able to return to production information management system in a timely manner.





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