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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


Accurately speaking, the emergence of bearing packing machine is designed to help solve the manual packing of complicated and difficult. In the face of different packaging items, only by the support of manpower and material resources are difficult to adapt to the rapid development of China today. Especially for large objects packaging, manual packing will consume a certain human resources and valuable time. bearing packing machine is in such a situation arises at the historic moment under force, and get good grades.

Reviewing the development history of bearing packing machine, initially packer application because a lot of books, books to transport, so will use a bearing packing machine equipment. But times in constant progress, more needs to be packaged goods into the market, including large enterprises purchase equipment, logistics company transport objects, the pharmaceutical industry to import a batch of box, large mall one-time procurement of goods, etc., these are prompted packer's rapid rise, and make people quickly depends on its use.

But as you know, anything not immutable, is following the pace of The Times, people's thought still such, packaging industry is inevitable. Future packer in gradually to automation, intelligent direction, will be according to the different packaging requirements of users, in particular, conform to the international market, even to the development of globalization, gradually spread out bearing packing machine to different areas such as steel belt packaging, building materials industry package technology, etc.

















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