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Automatic coil/pipe/aluminum/profile packaging line:


d) Don't abuse the cord. Never make use of the cord for transporting, tugging or unplugging the stretch Wrapping machine.

Keep cord from warmth, oil, sharp edges or moving parts. Broken or entangled cords

increase the chance of electric shock.

e) When operating a Wrapping machine outdoors, make use of an extension cord appropriate for outside use. Utilization of

an electric cord appropriate for outside use reduces the chance of electric shock.

1.3 Personal safety

a) Take notice, watch your work and employ good sense when operating a Wrapping machine. Do

not make use of a Wrapping machine when you are tired or intoxicated by drugs, alcohol or

medication. A minute of inattention while operating Wrapping machine may lead to serious personal


b) Use safety equipment. Always put on eye protection. Safety equipment for example dust mask, nonskid

safety footwear, hard hat, or hearing protection employed for appropriate conditions will reduce personal


c) Avoid accidental beginning. Make sure the switch is incorporated in the off position before inserting in. Transporting

Wrapping machine together with your finger around the switch or inserting in Wrapping machine which have the turn on invites


d) Remove any modifying key or wrench before turning the automatic profile packaging  line Wrapping machine on. A wrench or perhaps a key left

mounted on a rotating area of the Wrapping machine may lead to personal injuries.

e) Don't overreach. Keep proper footing and balance whatsoever occasions. This allows better charge of the

Wrapping machine in unpredicted situations.

f) Dress correctly. Don't put on loose clothing or jewelry. Keep the hair, clothing and mitts

from moving parts. Loose clothes, jewelry or lengthy hair could be caught in moving parts.

g) If products are supplied for that connection of dust extraction and collection facilities, ensure



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