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The Chinese robot pallet wrapper for pallet:


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The pallet wrapping equipment robot produced by Fhope, also called wrappers, wrapper robots, stretch wrappers, pallet pallet and wrappers covering equipment, are strong and dependable. All Fhope pallet place devices are portable, ergonomic, and can be equipped with superior extend film remedies to lessen the intake of the video. Each and every Fhope pallet wrap Robot is available in distinct layouts relevant to: max wrapping heigths - Proportions of the functioning location - Batteries autonomy amount - Sort of expand film treatments - Stretch video varieties - Number of expand you need to get.
Fhope can be a company professional in the production of covering robot devices for pallet wrapping with expand film.

A Long expertise on the market of extend film wrap equipment, have brought Fhope to make new mobile wrapping solutions which are absolutely impressive and offering all the adaptability that your classic set station techniques are unable to give.

The truth is, the equipment conceived and trademarked by Fhope are pallet stretch wrapping machines without having fixed installation, designed to cover any pallet in virtually any part of the factory in a couple of seconds.

Each of the covering machines are equipped, ergonomic and compact with latest technology expand motion picture treatment method systems to drastically decrease ingestion