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The Chinese Horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine:


Say goodbye to the high-growth era several ups and downs on the journey again

Double tenth last year hit a turnover of 19.1 billion, this year only 13 hours and 4 minutes will break the record. The largest double tenth a 35.019 billion sales record this year. Double every year 11 big promote the carnival has become the Chinese anger consumption of passion, is money going on the net flow of electricity. This year, the network printing enterprises as a new partnership electric part and also the chance to earn the banner.
Network printing printing and packaging to make big head double tenth one also make a fortune
It is understood that change figure net in October and November on the number of customers have 3 is from the electricity industry customers, and electricity customer turnover is as 5 times as usual. Nearly period of electricity customers are basically in order to prepare for double tenth. Their demand for business CARDS, coupons is not high, on the contrary at ordinary times sales is not a lot of books, stickers growth is obvious. Change figure net operating personnel said that this year's double ten a electricity in addition to the brand, some small businesses are active, positive input to the double tenth marketing war, as early as September, some businesses have a readiness to enter the double tenth. Flyer, or album, including gift calendar orders have increased, some businesses also appeared many times of single case. Change figure network such as network printing suppliers, although there is no special for double tenth of a sales promotion activity, but also obtained the considerable income.
Nonetheless, in the printing industry, a double tenth biggest winner or traditional horizontal stretch wrapping machine company. This year every minute to produce an average of 98000 packages, how much do you think need printing packing box, express duplicate? They are really hard make a fortune! So why don't network printing companies to provide horizontal stretch wrapping machine? Change figure net staff explained: horizontal stretch wrapping machine belong to the big printing, general printing amount is larger, which have high goods weight, the amount is much, often continue to single, etc. Have such requirements of customers, generally need to sign the service agreement, the terms of payment are mostly in advance, the most important is the cost of shipping the packaging printing is too high, so the network printing generally does not provide this service. It is understood that some done by printing plant transformation network horizontal stretch wrapping machine printing enterprises also do, but clearly limits the service area.
Seems to want to seek a bigger development network printing, there is still a long way to go. Believe that with the development of network and logistics network development prospects of printing will be more and more wide, it will not only in a double tenth this special period, helping other industries electric commercial publicity be winners, and there may be more performance opportunities below.


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