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The Chinese upender machine:

  Optimum-Upender are preferably designed for tipping plenty around 90 degree. Available with capabilities of 2,000 to ten thousand lbs. and a variety of regular platform styles. Optimum-Upenders can also be found custom built for people specific handling demands. Types of wide open frame, v-obstruct, divided foundation and specific measurements are just some of our custom made features. 1.5 HP motor. 115/230 voltage individual stage or 230/460 about three period voltage. Electric motor is inside installed on most models. Push switch magnet again manage pack is normal with 6' power cord 10' power cord is standard (connector not included). Hydraulic items pump with check valve, solenoid valve, filter and velocity fuse is standard. Lean limit swap. Handle container includes magnet starter transformer, thermal excess and fuses. Designed for surface position or raise kitchen table installing. Make contact with production line for unique in ground specifications. Run up and down 90 degree tilt. Shade: Yellow leading with light blue framework. A 30 amp dedicated circuit is needed for 115 volt functioning. In addition to the standard models, the Maximum-Upender range can be found in an extensive deck model. This design and style has websites as much as 12' long. It characteristics 5" diameter extended cerebrovascular accident cylinders, a distant 10 Hewlett packard electric motor and bolstered foundation deck. 1.5 Hewlett packard electric motor. 115/230 voltage one stages or 230/460 3 period voltage. Motor unit is inside attached to most types and externally mounted on desk dimensions with 24" large base. 10' power cord normal (connector not incorporated) Hydraulic gear pump with check out valve, solenoid control device, filter and velocity fuse regular Colour discolored leading with glowing blue frame A 30 amp specialized circuit is essential for 115 volt operation Powered high on 90° and 45° lean. Gravitational forces upon 45° and operated down on 90° tilt Tilt limit change Press key magnet back again handle pack normal with 6' power cord Easy metallic outdoor patio with 4" substantial lip on hinge conclusion Premium quality stainless plated tube Manage pack consists of magnetic starter transformer, energy excess and fuses Created for work surface install or elevate kitchen table mounting


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