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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


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As living standards improve, people asking for more on packing line and packaging industry in order to meet these requirements, need continuous self-improvement, and to promote their development. Companies like DuPont, and SunOpta increased capacity due to increased demand; SATO Corporation introduces new bar code printers and labelers, design is about the beginning of food safety concerns; KM using environmentally-friendly printer, it is in order to improve the agricultural product's life cycle. Meanwhile, we can also find environmental protection continues to be an important focus for the packaging industry, such as France to consider legislation on tobacco packaging, non-profit trade organization Petcore in Europe Europe has released the latest data. Then, in October the world packaging news, the details are as follows: DuPont to invest 100 million dollars to expand the factory in Texas business DuPont plans to invest an additional 100 million to improve its Texas plant ethylene copolymer properties. According to the plan, by the end of 2015, there will be about 30 million funding. The main production plant in Dupont? Surlyn resins, reliable? Nucrel? acid copolymer, easy? (Elvaloy?) AC acrylic resin and DuPont? Vamac? and Elvax ethylene acrylic elastomer? EVA copolymers. France considering tobacco "plain packaging method" France Government consider "plain packaging" method to deal with current smoking rate is on the rise. World Health Organization statistics show that France is Western Europe's third-largest cigarette market, about 31% of adults were smokers. France Government preparing legislation to require tobacco manufacturers to adopt simple packaging, namely tobacco brand on the box can only use simple fonts.