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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


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On November 14, 2014, the industry anticipated the China International packaging line exhibition, at the Ministry of Commerce and the State press and publication administration, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee for their support and guidance, kicked off in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the 2014-the packaging line in industry's largest event, the fifth session of the all India exhibition of exhibition space of 82,000 square meters, biggest in the past. 680 domestic and overseas exhibitors, showcasing the packaging line process, the entire range of innovative products, advanced equipment and technology, is expected to attract the most purchasing power at home and abroad professional audiences of over 100,000 visitors come to visit. At the opening Gala on the evening of November 13, packaging line of the State press and publication administration issued Secretary Wang Yanbin, Shanghai press and publication Bureau Xu jiong attended the party and delivered a speech. Organizer tripartite leadership, Yu yongzhan, Deputy Director of the packaging line technology Association of China Chairman Zhang Shuangru, Luo Jun of China's cultural industry development group General Manager and Party Secretary Shi Yuyou, President of the China Academy of packaging line technology Chen yan, Vice President of Messe Düsseldorf group Bernhard Stempfle, Dusseldorf exhibition (Shanghai) limited company General Manager Zeng Yaode, assisted by Li Xinli, President of Shanghai packaging line industry association, attended the opening Gala, And jointly launched the th China International packaging line exhibition opening ceremony. 14th session Asia-Pacific packaging line Forum of Japan, and Korea, and Australia, and India, and Philippines, and Malaysia, country packaging line Association and the Organization of representative, attended on both sides of four to packaging line Exchange fraternity of Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and Macau Association representative, from domestic provinces, and area packaging line industry association of guest, and this exhibition of Pearson VUE exhibition commercial representative, domestic packaging lineed enterprises representative total more than 400 over people attended has party, total Grand Carnival. Exhibition the 680 domestic and foreign exhibitors from 20 countries and regions, and ushered in the greatest nation in history and regional pavilions, Germany and the United States, and Italy and other KMT-CPC organization 30 exhibiting companies, China's Taiwan Pavilion at the exhibition area of over 800 square meters. Canon, and HP, and Fuji Film, and Fuji Shi Le, and Ke NI card beauty can up, and founder, and Epson, and Kodak, and Ricoh, and Komori, and Han's Crown China, and Ka and top new, and Bobst, and Tianjin long wing, and Zhejiang country looked, and Alliance strong group, and North people group, and Shanghai electrical, and Wenzhou are Bo, and Shanghai Yao section, and in the de group, and Cheng Ding group, and Granville reputation, and Japan bags King, and Sun mechanical, both at home and abroad well-known Enterprise led exhibitors, brings has latest of products and solution programme, audience can in site full experience new and technology of charm.