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The Chinese tyre packing machine:

  characterized in that explained flange implies of tyre packaging machine consists of two symmetrically disposed installation system , mounting program (28) from the lifting attach (29) installed mailing signifies inside the top to bottom basic tire (9), the two installation system (28) implies are located in 2 parallel top to bottom wheel delivery service chain (11) both sides in the mounting foundation (28) is placed on the auxiliary body (30 ), auxiliary frame (30) mounted with all the centre guide shaft (31), the manual shaft (31) is attached to movable down the guideline shaft (31) the sliding bracket in tyre packaging machine, push the bracket (32) is provided using a plurality information shaft (31) since the heart outward within a information groove (33), auxiliary frame (30) from the guideline groove (33) is installed a related place strut (34), the guideline groove (33) is attached across the inside manual lines (33) slidably movable prohibit, the movable prohibit is set up on the active handle (35), the energetic lever (35) - finish from the movable prohibit through the shaft link, the active handle (35) by way of a shaft as well as the center strut (34) is linked , flange signifies (6) installed on the basic more consists of (9) found on the promoting signifies (10) beneath the lover (36). As reported in state 6, where the wheel packing machine, described for the reason that stated guide groove (33) to the 3 guideline grooves (33) inside the guide shaft (31) being a middle towards the 3 o'clock course, respectively, 9 o'clock, 12 o'clock, wheel handle in to the Agency's activities of tyre wrapping machine is split right into a movable rod (35 ') and two movable rod (35 "), a movable rod (35') throughout the shaft with two Level the active handle (35 ") linked to a movable rod (35 ') is fitted to the top level platter influx sweep (37), the additional movable rod (35") along with the rod (34) as well as the movable prohibit, connecting indicates with all of those other place of the movable rod (35) attached in the same manner; the remainder placement the movable rod (35) can also be mounted on the secondary movable rod (38), the lively lever (35) is likewise coupled to the top of wave sweep plate (37), the auxiliary movable rod (38) - end in the wave sweep plate (37) from a shaft coupled to the auxiliary movable rod (38) using a shaft along with the other end of your strut (34) linked to rod (34), the energetic handle (35), the additional movable rod ( 38), surf sweep plate (37) to create a parallelogram railing firms, surf sweep plate (37) features a work surface brush. As claimed in assert I where the wheel packing machine, described because said inner adhesive signifies (7) are placed on the flange comprises means (6) two installing platform (28) about the two linear information rails (39), linear information (39) are installed down the linear guide of tyre packing machinery moving bracket (40), owner (40) into the top have a small (41), in the briquetting (41 ) in a disk-designed pressure plate, two extending clamps (41) from the tension plate relative to nip.


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