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The Chinese tyre packing machine:

  Tyre packaging machine according to claim 8, wherein the tire packing machine, characterized in that said pressure plate, respectively chopping platen (42) and the cutting pressure plate (43), the cutting platen (43) smaller in diameter than chopping platen ( 42) the diameter of the cutting pressure plate (43) extending into the side clamps (41) mounted on a lid-shaped blade cover (44) and blade cover (44) is mounted within an annular heat cutter (45), cyclic heat cutter (45) in the cutting pressure plate (43) on the outer periphery, into the clamps (41) is provided with a through hole, the through hole is connected to waste recovery, including recovery of the waste into the clamps (41 ) connected via the trachea, air pump connected with the trachea. 10 Use according to claim I wherein the tire tire package packaging machine, characterized in that the packaging process is as follows: 1) ranking vertical in the wheel tread top to bottom shipping and delivery indicates; 2) transported to the tire tread wrapping system, the product will bring up tire tire lift gadget package deal fetal activity round the tire tread, the wheel tread covered with packing tape on; 3) refer to tire implies the wheel downward, the external packaging adhesive tape cutting device and two conclusion bonding, connecting gadget whilst the outside diamond ring will shut down another finish of the packing tape sticky experience of the bundle wheel system in tyre wrapping machine; 4) car tires transported for the wheel inside bonding device, system packaging adhesive tape flanging advantage turning towards the wheel interior circle the packaging adhesive tape covering the sidewall; 5) internal connecting product will roll over to the wheel inside packaging with adhesive; 6) car tires shipped to baking tightening products, heating packing tape, packing tape to tighten the , snugly include in the tire. Explanation converted from China Wheel packing machine and packing approach Technological innovation [0001] The present technology pertains to a packaging packaging and machine approach, especially, is actually a packaging machine for packaging tire as well as a wheel using this packing machine packing technique. Backdrop Which uses ribbon packing materials, wrapping machine with a tire package material circle around the ribbon, wrapped around the edges overlapping tires, packaged this way because of overlapping winding, a large amount of packaging materials, packaging costs are high, serious waste of packaging materials and packaging easy to loose, poor stability, packaging, slow, packaging production is low, [0002] The tire packing methods are available for the wound. [0003] before patent "Tire packing machine" There are still many shortcomings, packaging molded together under the upper die of packaging, packaging tires need accurate positioning, position requirements, packaging technology requirements, the connection length long, the upper die and the lower die junction is located in the outer tread last week, totally exposed on the outside of the tire transportation prone to damage in the process, a solid weak, and the packing effect unsightly outer adhesive as a whole, produce more waste packaging, packaging material utilization is low, the packaging cost is high, although 3) the design of a tire packaging equipment, use of non-wrapped style packaging.  


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