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The Chinese bearing packing machine:

  body (I) is installed on a feeding device of tyre packing machine, like the tire means (3), to note wheel means (4), the exterior engagement ring connecting means (5), feeding signifies (2) in packet wheel signifies (3) over, where the sticky signifies includes a wheel inner flange signifies (6), the interior sticky signifies (7), the inner put engagement implies (7) mounted on the flange signifies (6). (2) as claimed in state I where the tire packing machine, characterized in that said product includes a straight delivery service tire foundation (9), attached to the base (9) on the conveying means (10), mentioned conveying implies (10) consists of two parallel chains (11), chain (11) includes a plurality of vertically mounted between your chain (11) route of movement the pub (12), pub (12) along with a clearance involving the same period of time, the tire tread ⑴ wrapping gadget placed on the foundation frame (9). 3 as outlined by declare I in which the tire packing machine, described in that mentioned tread deal model (3) comprises a symmetrically mounted on the frame (I) of these two shaft chair (13) and mounted on the shaft chair (13 ) inside the shaft (14), the shaft (14) are attached to the left arm (15), the arm (15) is installed in between the top to bottom beams (16), ray (16) with a bolt resolved to the rotating arm (15) in the ray (16) is supplied with packing adhesive tape furnishings tyre packaging machine. As reported in declare I where the tire packing machine, described in that stated tread lift system (4), features a straight route of these two cylinders are hooked up in series, the top of the cylinder (18) using the carrier (I) connected, and also the reduced tube (18 ') is associated with a horizontal guide rail (19), horizontal side rails (19) is placed on two sliders (20), glide (20) movable together horizontal rails (19) slip, the slip ( 20) attached to a wheel furnished with inwardly turn pawl (21). 5 based on claim I in which the wheel packing machine, distinguished in this mentioned outside bonding signifies (5) comprises two symmetrically organized left arm (22), arm (22) attached to the upper stop by way of a shaft Rack (I), the arm (22) connected to a lesser knife holder (23), two arm about the owner (23) in accordance with pressing, the tool brain (23) is supplied with three information lines , each guide groove are correspondingly attached to the bezel (24) or home heating the sticky plate (25), baffle (24) along with the heating system the adhesive dish (25) - equally finishes by a springtime (26) linked to the bottom in the manual groove, baffle (24) is greater than the size of the warming the adhesive platter (25) in length, each and every knife holder (23) is equipped with two heating the adhesive plate (25), is also installed on the reducing blade of tyre packing machine , shear blade (27) positioned involving the two warming the adhesive plate (25), in between two instrument mind (23) in accordance with the position of pushing signifies in wheel bundle (3) beams (16) below the highest situation. As professed in assert I in which the wheel packing machine,



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