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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


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"If the traditional coil packaging line industry moved to the Palm, what will happen? Orders, inventory, machinery, equipment, information, and transactions, these trivial packaging business process just wiggle your fingers can easily get. This is our help with the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and move! "China packaging Federation of e-Commerce Commission Executive Vice Chairman and President of China packaging network Gong Jingqiang said. On November 6, the China packaging network mass news, following the new website up and running after, China packaging network APP mobile client development work has been basically completed, upcoming in the near future, so stay tuned! According to the head of the China packaging network APP development introduced, China coil packaging line network APP China packaging network information system, information, business, trading, training, exhibitions and other functions available. APP client extension is one of the newer versions of the China packaging technology, is the most traditional packaging enterprises connect mobile Internet utility that packs in that APP client is UMC Business Council's e-commerce in packaging line industry an important strategy in the overall solution. Packaging, electrical contractor, whose goal is to be closely integrated Internet in three main areas. "Our vision is through innovation, provide a useful mobile Internet software and hardware products to help two integration, power transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises. "Gong Jingqiang said.