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steel tube packaging line:

FHOPE-E series

Spiral Orbital Wrapper

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 Customer service is not an option-it is the Foundation of our customer relationships. We are committed to support our large coil packaging line and machinery installed base in the world, in order to help our customers improve productivity and profitability. Packaging line of this commitment through our customer support plan to implement, with a focus on the four "s": systems, parts, service and support is essential to maximize the return on investment of equipment. Our global technical team can provide reduced number of trips, responsive service parts inventory warehouse located near you. Of course, each customer will benefit from the latest technology and engineering capabilities, Packaging line equipment is always at the forefront of the canning industry. For each solution Guaranteed to help you get the maximum benefit from every Packaging line device is a big project, you need a skilled and experienced, and can be seen in its long history of providing excellent performance of global companies. So, whether you need are: · To quickly deliver the most reliable, highest-precision OEM replacement parts; · Professional field technicians all over the world, their system for Assembly, maintenance and operation of each side had received training; · System renovation, product or size change, upgrade or overhaul; · Line or an individual assessment and evaluation of the machine; We have set the industry standard in the world. In terms of equipment design and manufacturing and production processes, we have a very unique view. This is because by Fhope pack Kemp independent manufacturing of compressor, from design to commissioning.  It is endowed with unique performance characteristics, so as to create a clear and complete set of solutions.