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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


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China packaging network original "coil packaging machine" e-commerce application system software make right certificate issued by the national copyright administration, October 14, the "coil packaging machine" e-commerce application software enterprises, and open the door to transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprise! China packaging network "coil packaging machine" packaging system project leader visiting the Czech city, Jinhua, Ltd, in conjunction with the Jet Pack to start using the coil packaging machine system informatization project meeting, formally air the coil packaging machine system, power-a first step in the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprise. Czech special packaging Deputy General Manager Wang Chengsong said, Jet packaging currently in transformation upgrade stage, how breakthrough traditional operations mode, will Internet information technology application to productivity in the, is coil packaging machine system for we by brings of advantage, he to participating personnel stressed, the and coil packaging machine system led hand started information application project, is a "cooperation, and win-win" of approach, Jet packaging will full do the project of the information transformation work, seeks to promoted Czech special packaging in information of road Shang further.