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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


Key words: Bearing packing machine, Coil packing machine, Chinese stretch hood machine



The fhopepack providing strip packing machine and steel coil stretch wrapper for coil packing requirement.


It providing the packing solution for steel strip from slitting line and coil handling system.


 A look at the packaging solution and  handing treatment for steel strip coil, and how aluminum coil, copper strip applications


in package will boost the global market. It need the well packaging for your strip products for transportation


Fhopepack, SHANGHAI, CN, a private professional manufacturer, nonprofit contract service provider founded in 1998,


 operates different stretch wrapper packing and recently developing a new rotary stretch wrapper sealing machine to handle


new high-volume packaging needs.


 The strip packing solution along with the company’s technical team and after service dept. There is  includes more than 205 people with disabilities in heavy coil packaging. It need special designing.