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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


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 APPLICATION: Fhope Series ring wrapping machine primarily suitable to metallurgical businesses, the machine commonly used in the wrapping of copper belt, steel belt, aluminum belt, metal wire along with other circular things. FEATURES: ? Adopt the PLC & HMI. ? When trouble occurs, the machine instantly alarm systems and shows the fault things. ? the overlap material and rate pressure may be modified ? Anti--use polyurethane is followed for the rubbing tire, engagement ring with important mould construction. ? Synchronous wrapping (2 types of wrapping material cooperating) is offered ? Wide-breadth wrapping tape could be used to improve work effectiveness. ? the machine follow the special reducing device and defeat a few days of your standard slicing This equipment is typically utilized in a totally auto machine series, which means the products are manufactured without having personnal. Incorporation of the machine management system into higher-degree techniques, such as merchandise monitoring, automatic labelling, and so forth. is area of the standard with this modern technology. These appliances immediately load the merchandise with Airball plastic-type material foil and stretchwrapping polythene. This is attained by personalize wrapping the Airball plastic-type material foil on the product and ring coil wrapping machine...