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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


Key words: Bearing packing machine, Coil packing machine, Chinese stretch hood machine



According to proportions of each and every coil, turret quickly feeds covering document, that is suitable pieces of paper class and suitable size. Wrapping document is spread along the interior diameter of each coil.

Depending on the coil details, like sizes, turret No, turret immediately rss feeds covering papers, that is of appropriate document grade and appropriate sizing, and slit the wrapping paper to the predetermined thickness. Then, roll area covering provide model cover a stainlesss steel coil using the wrapping papers.

Quickly crimps the edges of both sides from the covering pieces of paper, and fold into coil inward, then quickly tape the crimped document benefit.


Machine superior features

1. Long service life
Strong structure, heavy duty, laser cutting &rigid board, anti-wearing PU friction wheels protective guardrail, separated electrical cabinet, protective shield, etc.

2. Reinforcing aluminum cast-solid ring
It is able to undertake the heavy packing material and roll device in high speed turning, and to avoid the deformation caused by centrifugal force in wrapping.

3. Excellent product wrapping effect and no risk of product damage
Protective rollers are available for fixing the object well to avoid shaking in wrapping. The wrapping effect is beautiful and tidy. Nice and firm package is both for transportation and selling.

4. Your other benefits
High efficiency
Wide range of applicability
Convenient wrapping
Extremely low cost of consumables and energy
Machine operating at low noise level
Short installation times required
Easy operation and maintenance
24 hours online service team servicing for you

5. Exquisite Technology
Continuously variable film tension/strain
Quick-change unit for wrapping material rolls
Adjustable ring speed by frequency converter
Protective rollers are fixing the package well

6. Conform to CE & ISO guidelines with the latest technology and design criteria for industrial use.