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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


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OPERATIONS for coil wrapping machine:
(1)Rotate the “POWER” switch clockwise to connect to the power supply of the machine.
(2)Rotate the “EMERGENCY STOP” switch clockwise. At this time, the indicator lamp on the top of electrical box is on.
(3)Turn the “MANUAL/AUTO” switch on the operating panel to “AUTO” position, and then the machine will work in automatic mode. Operate HMI, set the parameter of “ring speed” and “roller speed” and make confirmation.
(4)Use flexible sling to safely hoist the unpackaged object to the central position of machine roller. Adjust the up& down protective rollers.
(5)Fixed Packing tape on unpacking object as fixed route, Tape-Threading Schemata for reference as follow.
(6)Press the “RING START” button to have the machine run in automatic manner until one complete packaging is finished.
Then use adhesive tape or other method to fix the ends of coil packaging
(7)Use sling to take the coil packaged object away safely. A whole packaging process is completed. Start next new packaging operation according to the above-mentioned operating process.