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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


Key words: Bearing packing machine, Coil packing machine, Chinese stretch hood machine



The packaging line requirements in order to meet diverse user needs flexible packaging solutions support. We offer single or semi-automatic or fully automatic packaging systems installed on the production line as a whole. For each different packaging requirements do we have suitable coil packaging line systems, including strapping machine, liner placement device, protect the appliance, top-coated system, stretch film wrapping machine, edge protection systems as well as paints and other packaging methods. Services: Integrated in a production line electrical control system Must meet the requirements of the design Continuous data to the print product information Users benefit from: Adaptive capacity and order high-performance system Automation systems and control technology for equipment and factory automation solutions offered, run and brings great convenience to the user. Xin bei Pu Kang company would control tasks in the field of process technology and control combined with the ease of processing systems and visualization program. In order to maintain high standard of operational safety and availability of equipment, equipment and control systems for visualization system plays an important role. We follow based on customer demand, customized concepts, as far as possible provide the highest standard of automation systems. While you are developing the devices, we first thought process. Our technology experts and planners developed a concept device tailored for each customer. Which is set to optimal production flow. Xin bei er Kang is critical in the process of using development and construction of all machines. Equipment in Xin Beier Kemp engineers under the guidance of site installation and commissioning.