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Special wrapping and packaging is for containing and protecting food. In the food packaging sector, the development is faster. Stand up pouches and  Stand up bag is a kind of soft bag with horizontal supporting structure at the bottom. It without having to rely on any supports and stands regardless of whether the bag opened can achieve on its own. Stand up bag has excellent shelf display. Furthermore, in order to meet individual demand, stand-up pouches can also increase the individual design elements, such as handles, such as contour, resealable zipper curve, thus greatly enhance the consumer wishes to purchase. Now bag has been in food, fruit juice, jellies, condiments, pet has been widely used in food packaging. Zipper bag Zipper bags means that the original soft bag based on the addition of a zipper, to add resealable bags of features so that consumers of food that is not consumed by re-sealable. In Europe and other developed countries and regions, the zipper bag is widely used in meat, cheese, frozen foods, nuts, sweets and pastries and other food packaging. Zipper bags for food packaging mainly consists of three series: pressure fitting, slide and pull the chain. Recently, the Zip-Pak company launched a retort series zipper bag, this product will be resealable technology extends to the retort food packaging. Bag in box Bag in box is the soft bags placed in the box (such as cartons, wooden boxes, metal boxes, and so on) and the formation of a unique form of packaging. Wine, fruit juice and beverage bag in box packaging used, equipped with special valves and opens the valve when the drink, no need to worry about air intrusion, after opening another 30-60 days. Bag in box started late in China, but the prospects are extremely positive. As a new form of flexible packaging, stand up pouch, zipper bag, bag in box in our development time is not long, but have shown a good momentum of development at present. We have reason to believe that in the near future, these innovative packaging forms will be widely used in food packaging applications.