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FHOPE-E series

Spiral Orbital Wrapper

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As a leading coil packaging machine manufacturer, Fhope is taking a step forward in providing an electronic motion control facility on its entire range of horizontal Flow-wrap machines. In the new version from the Fhopepack, entry level Horizontal Form Fill and Seal machine, ,a fully digital action management product is incorporated. The primary features of their ergonomic design and style are top quality reliability and construction, with simple washing and procedure. The Fhopepack matches an array of applications, which is the perfect machine for a multitude of programs with small and medium sized size production needs. Specialized Requirements Cantilever construction which facilitates easy accessibility for cleaning. Kept to Proper running course. Rotary cross securing jaws. 3 Couples of rollers for longitudinal film pulling and sealing. Self centring reel owner using a brake method. Infeed conveyor 2 m / 6 1/2  extended. Adaptable film collapsible container. Machine parameter configurations (handbag length, pusher place) via the touch screen manage. Touch screen display setting of machine variables, obvious operational position and problem information. Fhopepack I Edition for  Intermittent functioning cross seal off jaws specifically created for bread and bakery programs. The handbag duration is governed in line with the item length via a photoelectric sensor and a timer. It really is easy to alter the awareness of the sensor for a number of films (cellulose or polypropylene). Belt type infeed conveyor. Fhopepack I P for PEPPER WRAPPING This edition is specifically designed to pack groups of peppers in conjunction with a weigher. The machine is provided with irregular operating cross seal jaws. The Bag Length is controlled according to the merchandise length by way of a photoelectric indicator along with a clock. coil packaging line for No handbag work. Infeed conveyor with a single buckle and two pushers created specifically for peppers Primary OPTIONS Auto feeder for containers. Differing types and other measures of infeed conveyor (for continuous work version). coil packaging Item - No bag  function. Misplaced item - Dual Bag¡± function. Photoelectric sensor for centring of printing listed film (constant work version). Increase self-centring film roll owners. Straight to Kept focused machine. Stainless product for damp environments. Simplicity Of Use - QUICK CHANGEOVER - INCREASED Overall flexibility - Increased Rates - LESS Servicing - TROUBLESHOOTING


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