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FHOPE-E series

Spiral Orbital Wrapper

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 A proper design of cooling-cooling is effective and flexible cooling plate, and an important guarantee for optimum product quality. Fhope packaging line provides excellent cooling-machine design, structure, stability, and reliability, less maintenance. Waste can be processed through the lumber mill or enter the stacking conveyor. Xin bei Pu Kang company according to user needs to provide a variety of stacking program: lifting stacker conveyors, pit-free lifting chains or accompanied by grabbing the car plate stack processing system. Technical characteristics: Feedback to the pavement quality control systems for compressor line, improving the plate quality Flexible books compatible with the compressor speed, improve the ability of Star cooler Flexible cooling procedures allow sheets to cool more efficiently Up to 5 meters (16 feet) high stack stack Exact sheet count stacking small duo-stacking could be achieved according to the order. Coil packaging line system is fully integrated, compact economical DWI cans production systems, is designed for low yields, but requires high-speed DWI cans production line with similar designs to clients of material utilization and productivity. packaging line system is used for developing markets, emerging markets, expand markets or niches of the perfect solution. packaging line system range is small, low initial investment, scalable packaging line system includes all the production, inspection, handling and stacking equipment and establish production lines and install mode with all the necessary engineering, documentation and services. packaging line system according to customer request Stolle were used for food, drinks or aerosol cans, the annual output can reach 350 million cans.