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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


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Automatic coil packaging line is based on the packing process. The automatic packaging machine and relevant ancillary equipment, conveyor equipment, and work with an independent control device system. It can make predetermined by packaging supplies and packaging materials with packaging requirements and process sequence. It is via through the process of packaging the packaging machine. Automatic packing line, workers do not need to be directly involved in the operation, whose main task is to monitor, adjust and control, in order to ensure normal operation of the automatic packaging line. Automatic packaging lines have many advantages, such as packaging can improve quality, increase productivity, improve working conditions, reduced floor space, lower production costs and other. It is especially suitable for small breeds, large quantities of product packaging. Is the orientation of packaging industry. By packaging machine, the connection between feature classes ① rigid automatic packaging line. The packing machine with conveyor directly connected to beat certain production runs. If a piece of equipment fails to stop, will cause a full stop. II the flexible automatic packaging line. This line for hoppers in the packaging machines are added from subsequent packaging machine feeding hoppers, if a machine fails, does not affect other machine work and higher productivity, but heavy investment. ③ semi flexible automatic packaging line. This line divides the line into several segments, no hoppers for fewer failures, make it "sticky"; set hoppers on a fault, make it "flexible". Ensures high productivity, but in investment. Classification by combination layouts ① series automatic packaging line. Packaging machines in the process a single order link. Single-machine production cycle different from each other. ② Automatic packaging line in parallel. In order to balance the production cycle time, improve productivity, and packing machine into the same array together with the same packaging operation. These lines say parallel automatic packaging line. This line should be set in reverse, or convergence device. ③ hybrid automatic coil packaging line. It is also used in a packaging line in series and parallel forms. The purpose of which is to balance different packaging machine cycle time. The line is long, the machine number, transmission, switching, diversion, combined device variety and complexity.