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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


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As this area's largest Exhibitor, Canon 2,000-square-meter exhibition area debut, for large format packaging line and commercial packaging line field display 6 across the device, which in February this year, just released from Canon varioPRINT 135 series packaging line-system is undoubtedly the focus of audience; HP Indigo 7800 and Indigo WS6800 and variety of equipment on display, where these devices are for the first time meet with Chinese audiences; Fujifilm lent the exhibition the machine, Grand debut in China B2 format sheet inkjet digital packaging line JETPRESS720; exhibit their newest products by Fuji Xerox VersantTM 2100 Press; Konica Minolta Bizhub PRESS exhibited its new flagship product C1100/1085 color digital packaging line system in the Kodak booth, its June peak of 6000 high-speed inkjet printer with print exhibition audience. In offset aspects, Komori two big equipment LITHRONE G44 and LITHRONE A37 worth concern; Ka and top new carrying variety has representative of Lee excellent than new Ling products wonderful debut; Shanghai electrical in this times full printed exhibition Shang displayed has AquaStream unit type flexible version press; Han's Crown China will together its "Crown China" and "Xiao original" two big brand debut, displayed Crown China digital press He Xiao original 106 site face opened offset. Packaging prepress, Bobst on display for the first time for the Chinese market research and development of SP 106 ER stripping features die-cut machine and lateral membrane function of SP 106 FCHStamping machine Shanghai yew branch will be on display at this session of the all India exhibition of JY-106EB automatic die-cutting machine Wei Yu on display will focus on the CABS4000V glue line; Sun machine join STF-340 unit flexographic press appearances; exhibit bag King machine KING-45H automatic adhesive automatic single-party bag-making machine at the end of the handle. packaging line supplies, Toka, and siegwerk, Bauhinia, Coase, lucky China, Beijing Kangde new wood carrying the most competitive with new products. Pre-thanks to the organizers a full range of global publicity and promotion, promotional support of the drupa world exhibition, as well as good cooperation with various associations, organisations and the media, has attracted from the United States, and Korea, and Australia, and India, the Philippines, Malaysia and more than 50 overseas buyers for pre-booked group visit this all in print China, overseas buyers have increased in number and scope of the group. Domestic provinces and cities, regional associations group too warmly, plus exhibitors, Enterprise Group, has more than 100 professional buyers are expected to visit this all in print. All in print also has a wealth of events to provide viewers with the opportunity to exchange information, collision. Full printed exhibition main forum "2014 China packaging line Forum and 14th session Asia-Pacific packaging line Forum" brings together has United States, and EU, and Asia-Pacific eight country packaging line industry organization of expert, for audience brings broad of international vision; technology main forum "China International packaging line innovation peak Forum" will collection industry within most well-known brand supplier, full explained frontier innovation technology and industry application prospects; "digital packaging line in China" technology peak Forum and Canon moved often in "section printed Cup" Digital packaging line competition in Asia is currently the most authoritative in the digital packaging line industry, professional event, is the seventh race of the year, a total of 168 companies, 518 entries; known as the "tag Oscars", "Sun cups" Asian label awards and Technology Summit held at the same time the global label, label packaging line technology to share their experience in the field is the top platform. Fourth green China Green packaging line packaging line seminar is a high profile event of the industry in the field of, the meeting will exchange the latest Green packaging line technology, advocacy and outreach on behalf of the industry's most cutting edge packaging line environmental protection level of the best packaging line companies and environmentally-friendly green packaging line-related equipment and technology. All in print China curtain is already turned on, multimedia live, contemporary publications as diverse and convenient mobile terminal applications enhance the visitor experience by the audience. A wide variety of exhibits, get rid of innovative technologies and innovative applications, Omni-directional, all categories show the vitality of the packaging line industry, for the packaging line industry and the viewing public bring a printed feast not to be missed.