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The Chinese coil packing machine:


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Item functions: (1) Install easily (2) Two reducing techniques: fire or plasma. (3) It really is a high-effectiveness, high-preciseness and trustworthiness Slitting coil packaging machine line reducing gear (4) Dual-part driving a car servo method, assures an outstanding operating performance. (5) Optionally available dirt proof job desk or smoke removing product for a clean functioning atmosphere. (6) Recommended plasma power for various materials cutting. The Slitting coil packaging machine line reducing machine primary parameter Model No. 1830 1840 Reducing size (mm) 1800 1800 Overall thickness(mm) 2400 2400 Cutting size (millimeters) 3000 4000 All round length (millimeters) 4620 5620 Slitting coil packaging machine line method Micro Advantage Slicing fullness On plasma supply strength Reducing function kitchen table Regular or dust particles resistant function desk( recommended dust particles evidence) 6)Plasma power optional: primarily United states of america Hypertherm.the others can be outfitted including : United states KALIBURN, Germany Kjellberg or some manufactured in China like: Shanghai Jiaoda. 7)Automated Coding and Fastcam: Modern australia FASTCAM (Professional),can understand substance typical slicing so that can help to save the materials. 8)Plasma torch with Arc voltage automobile height-regulating tool and 360°anti-accident device 9) Flame torch: with capacitive car elevation-regulating device, Automobile ignition device, Solenoid Valve: Italy CEME and flashback arrestor. The entire torch brand name: United states GAndR. Air hose is Company Korean YASUNG 1) Welding manipulator will be the automatic welding devices work together with welding strength. You can use it together with welding rotator or welding positioner, and popular in businesses as boiler, dispatch-creating, pressure vessel, petro-chemical machinery for welding of internal and outside longitudinal seams and circumferential seams. 2) Our welding manipulator functions in innovative framework, multiple-work, and easy to use, and other devices to help linkage management, which improved the production capability and assured the quality. 3) The automatic welding manipulator consist of light, standard, and heavy type according to weight-bearing, effectively stretching and up/down stroke. 4) The automated welding manipulator for coil packaging machine is style for 4 various structure sort: Set type, set rotation kind, repaired movable type and movable rotation sort.