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The FHOPE Equipment, mechanical upender/tilter used in a variety of maintenance application and operation which provides an easy,safety and efficient way to upend metal coils,dies, molds and other heavy and bulky products. Mechanical upender/tilter, sometimes called coil upender, coil positioners, turn over machine,rotate steel coils, tiler for turning 90/180 degrees.


Machine Installation:
1. Place the machine in the corresponding neat melt pit; keep the working surface of the machine leveled with the ground
2. Connect the power supply according to the requirement of the nameplate, and make sure if it’s connected with the earth wire reliably.
3. Adjust the levelness of the machine, to make it stand in a horizontal state.
4. Check and make sure whether all the switch positions are appropriate and firm.
5. Install the external guardrail of the machine and fix it effectively.


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