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Fhope Enclosures produces fully coil wrapper, turnkey solutions to surround and improve your packing process.

For Fhope automatic coil packing line not only includes coil wrapping machine and conveyor as well as title and related devices that feed, raise, pick up and sort the coils and products along paths in the layout.

Upon completion of the automatic coil packing stations and related services Fhope manufactures and installs a wide range of machinery and special equipment consisting of units of turnstile and labeling of coil package, stations on wrapping station for raising the coil, trucks for full pallets, trolleys and shuttle transportation, stacking platforms and coil tilter, coil wrapper etc..

A automatic coil packing system integration Fhope proposes the installation of stations, fully automated, for wrapping with packing material of the coil completed, so as to ensure the complete stability and sealing of the load.

These plants integrated at the end of the line can be equipped with any equipment necessary to the processing of the coil: for example, the coil stretch for the tightness, the label applicator for tracking...

All these elements are appropriately sized by the layout designed by our experts, who also produce the specific software solutions, dedicated and integrated into the entire system control unit, consisting of panels and control panels which include the management of different machines for packaging and interfacing with the factory management software.