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Pipe bundle stretch wrapping machine/wrapper



 Following is the question from one customer who looking for stretch wrapping machine:


noted your horizontal stretch wrapper has a maximum package lengh of 6 meters .Could this machine GZ300 wrap 7.45 meter long aluminum profile after modify? 

If not, could please offer for a bigger version?


6 meter is enough for packing. Impending 1.45m is without impact for wrapping, because of the center of gravity is on the conveyor. Noted.


If you need 7,45m, it is available. It cost extra $280/meterbase on 6m conveyor  Noted.


 2/ What is the speed of this machine?  Is it 6meter per minters?


The wrapping speed of the machine can be 1-12m/min.  But whole package wrapping is including the process as following: Loading the bundle, tie the material, wrapping, unloading. Noted.


What we can confirm is time for tie the material and wrapping only. Loading &unloading depends on the operator. Noted


So, normorlly the packing speed is app. 30-45 for 6-7.45m without including loading&unloading. 30~45 is seconds?


3/  What length one stretch wrapping machine can wrap per month? (consider 8hours a day and 5days a week)   FYI,we need to wrap 50,000 LM per month.  As I need to know if one packing machine can meet our monthly packing quantity,I have to ask it.  If one month is not enough, please advise how many machine we need to pack or wrap 50,000 LM per month.


Sorry that i just able to give you the length can be wrapping by a machine---380-450m/hour Noted.


The video shows the accumulation station with automatic wrapping for profile. I will send it to our customer for view.


4/ To cover 50000LM, could you please advise how much stretch film we need per month . What specification stretch wrap we should use.(thickness, width ,length) Please advise.  By the way, for the brother company , I failed to contact him. Do you have his email address?


There are following fectors to calculate the fim.


1.Thickness of the film, overlapping rate, (just based on your standard overlapping rate, please advise the standard thickness you are using.

2. The primeter of the bundle. our primeter of bundle is 40~80cm. So, could you please  out the width of film?


The weight of the film per one bundle (for 25mircorm film)=Lenght of bundle/(Width of fim-overlapping) x Primeter x 20g