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How to choose a packing solution for door?


There are two packing solution available in the market for door packing:

a. door stretch wrapping machine.

b. door shrinking machine.


For door stretch wrapping machine, it names horizontal stretch wrapping machine also.

Machines: conveyor, door stretch wrapper

Packing material: LLDPE film--the film is able to stick together by overlap in stretch wrapping.

Length: Stretch wrapping is no limited for the length.

The price: depends on the size of door/window need to be stretch wrapping.

Package: The wrinkle of the LLDPE is on the surface.

Packing cost: Lower



For door shrink wrapping machine, it names door shrinking machine also

Machine: Conveyor, sealing station, shrinking tunnel, cooling.

Packing material: PE film--shrinking by tunnel

Length: shrink wrapping length is limited. But special design is available in the market, The length the door the longer of shrinking tunnel.

The price: depends on the size of door/window.

Package: Surface is smooth and nice.

Packing cost: Higher than stretch wrapping machine.


In Fhope, there is able to provide both door stretch  wrapping machine and door shrinking machinery. The machineries was well received around the world. Our engineer is specialist in providing custom build solution per your packing goal with on line of off line machine.


Another machines:

      door packing machine   

           door stretch wrapping machine
   Door shrink wrapping machine   

The most efficiency door shrink wrapping machine for door/window package in Fhope. The solution provides a nice surface package for sell. The door shrinking wrapping machine can do full sizes sealing for door and window, profile...


 Door stretch wrapping machine

 Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective door stretch wrapping machine for your door wrapping goal to replace the manual work.