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Coil Wrapping Machine Operation


The Coil Wrapping Machine is widely used to steel coil wrapping, Wire coil wrapping, Copper wrapping...Please comply with following rules as following:


A. Safety

1. Prevent against the occurrence of bruise, compression injury, crushing injury, contusion and other accidents during the installation.
2. As the machine has been transported and moved, all flexible parts shall be inspected carefully.
3. The entire installation shall be completed under the condition that the power supply is cut off.
4. The machine shall be mounted on flat and hard ground. External power supply should be in accordance with stated on the machine plate.
5. Only trained personnel can be allowed to enter the installation site.
6. Next working procedure can be executed only after all the installation operations are completed.
7. The machine shall be mounted in dry and dust free environment.


1. Check if the machine power is correctly connected
2. Adjust the up and down protective rollers to a suitable position accordingly. The gap between the up rollers and down rollers should be wider than the object width in principle.
3. Push the object onto the supporting roller position manually and check if the condition is normal.
4. Adjust the tension of packing material. Adjust the ring to a suitable position to make sure the ring can go through the central of the object.
5. Examine the parameter of time setting, which normally between 2~5 second.
6. Press the “RING START” button, the machine start working.
7. Press “RING STOP” after a packing process completed and the machine stops. Use adhesive tape or other method to fix the ends of packaging tape.
8. Remove the packed object from the machine manually. Thus a whole packaging process is completed.
9. If the packing material is used out during the process of packaging, press the ring stop button to stop the machine. Switch the roller to the opposite direction, then press start button, when the object has turned to a position easy for reconnection, press stop button. Then switch the roller to the normal direction. Fix the packing material into the object, restart the machine.
10. The ring should be in a suitable position. One hand, the ring and the tape in the ring should not collide or clash with the object. On the other hand, make the object section approach the middle place of the ring to let the object be even wrapped with the packing tape.
11. Pay attention of the safety during the in& out of the object. Shut off the power after the packing operation completed.
12. The button “ring dot” can be operated to make it to the position more suitable to operation.
13. When the ID, OD, width of the object change, the gap between the up and down protective roller,ring height and tension of packing tape should also be adjusted.
14. For packing objects with small ID (inner diameter), packing tape with small ID and narrow tape should be adopted.







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