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The equipment for handling the coil in packing


Loading and unloading the heavy coil, is always an important process in wrapping. How to connect the handling process with coil stretch wrapper is very important in coil packing. For coil in different size, weight, packing requirement, as for specification solution.

For coil handling there is need conveniently, safety and effective, so following is the normally coil handling equipment in coil wrapping.

a. Manually-- It is for light coil only, Too heavy to handling is a problem for steel product.

b. Coil tilter--It can be connect with slitting line, strapping machine, conveyor...there are 90 degree and 180 degree turning machine.

The coil position can be changed easily by mechanical or hydraulic handle machine.

c. Conveyor--The roller conveyor is the popular handling system for automatic packing line, No matter roller conveyor or belt conveyor are able to hand the light or heavy coil with well protection.

d..Crane--It is an machine for heavy coils, It is able to move the heavy coil from 1kg-10T. The strong equipment it an standard equipment in steel coil. But for many company the crane is too busy to handle coil in packing process.

e. Forkman--the car is used to coil in pallet loading or unloading.



All above machine in information is popularly in steel company .