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Door packing machine

Orbital stretch wrapper

Our rich experience helps us to have the opportunity of covering many scales of industrial products companies. We will try our best efforts to assist with your projects.

                                                                     Flooring industries (parquet, laminate, cork, and solid wood).

                                                                     Moulding industries (panels, strips, and solid wood).

                                                                     Kitchen and bathroom industries.

                                                                     Furniture (knockdown).

                                                                     Board industries (bench, ceiling, wall boards).

                                                                     Door and window industries.




Features for Pipe wrapping machine:

l      Strong structure and ring with high qulaity.

l       Software for program control.

l       Photocell sensor is adopted for setting packing position.

l       Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automatically.

l       No preventative in maintenance program.

l       The speed of conveyors speed is adjustable by converter.

l       Heavy duty for all industrial applications.

l       Rollers in both sides for protect the pipe.

l       Suitable for a wide range of stretch film material.

l       Film reloading conveniently .

l       Special control the tension for package with brake.

l       Special conveyors and control system for pipe with socket. 


Technical parameter :

Object size:

Weight: 50~1000Kg

OD: 400~1000mm

Length: >1500mm

Entrance conveyer length: 3000mm

Outlet conveyer length:3000mm

Conveying speed: 4~10m/min

Ring speed: 10-60r/min

Power output: about 3kw

Power voltage: AC 380v,60Hz

Packing Material:

Width: 250-300mm

OD: 400-500mm

ID: 50mm


Guarantee value:

a)       Ring speed: 40-60r/min           

b)      Wrapping effect: Product surface is smooth and even.

Working hours of the machine

Effective working hour per year:7200h。

Environmental protection:

Noise control of the equipment environment:Must meet with the national requirements for noise control.

Emission standard

Emission of the waste gas and waste water meet with national requirements.



Horizontal wrapping or orbital wrapping machine can be an automatic online solution for transportation packaging with stretch film. There are two types of solutions.

door packaging

The solution= in-feeding conveyor + wrapping machine+ out feed conveyor

It is able to work for different door packaging. No matter what length, weight and size problem, Fhope Pack makes solutions as your need.


orbital stretch wrapper for door

 The packaging solution= film covering machine + wrapping machine + out feeding conveyor.

It's a stretch wrapping solution providing better protection for your door with full size packaging.

The film covering device adopts PE film, bubble film. And, cut film by sealer.


3. Door Wrapping in Vertical


door stretch wrapping machine

 The packaging solution= Film covering machine + wrapping machine + out feeding conveyor.

It a a stretch wrapping solution providing a better protection for your door with full size packaging.

The film covering device adopt PE film, bubble film which cutting film by sealer.




door wrapping machine-Fhope

     Door wrapping machine_FHOPE-H1200

Door wrapping machine is a high efficiency packing solution in door industry. We choose LLDPE stretch film to pack your fine doors. Smoothy, soft and safe. It's the best solution for your door packaging need.

   spiral orbital wrapper


 Spiral orbital wrapper

Finest protection during transportation. Reduce damage.  Save packing costs. Wrapping length is opptional.


Door packaging information:

1. The tips about horizontal stretch wrapper for door package


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