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Steel strapping tool


It is a pneumatic strapping tool for strapping by steel belt, which works for steel coil, panel, wire rod...





steel strapping tool

High reliability


Item Steel strapping tool
Strap tension 400Kg
Type of seal Notching
Strap material Steel strap  
Strap width 19mm
Strap thickness 0.4/0.8mm
Strap feed and take-up speed 2-3m/second
Tension speed 6m/min
Size W310 X D150 X H130mm
Type of driving Air
Weight 4.6Kg

l Computer interface monitoring function contains: the quantity of each tube bundle, the dimension of hexagonal crib, and the times and gap of the strapping places.

l Complete management of database function can manage the productivity in details including: to track counting, querying and stacking timely, and reflect the related model, specification and data of each tube bundle.

l The PLC and HMI system can self-diagnose and alert the fault of the stacking system, especially for the key parts.


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