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        Horizontal stretch wrapper

particularly palletizing and pallet packaging - play a critical role in safeguarding product in its highest value-added state for delivery to and use by customers

       pallet stretch wrapper

       Automatic pallet  wrapping machine

 The automatic pallet wrapping machine of our company has passed CE certification. It's for automatic pallet packaging requirement.



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FHOPE Series: Horizontal stretch wrapper

horizontal orbital ring wrapper



Orbital Stretch wrapper devices are utilized to wrap stretch film all around a packed pallet. Film supplies more support while the merchandise is getting transported & saved to safeguard from hint, spillage or getting ruined. Additionally, packaged loads can easily be split up and discovered. Our pallet wrapper is widely used from the chemical business, electronic digital market, building supplies, appliances for the home, papermaking, foods And drink and so on. OMRON PLC Photo-eye pallet elevation sensor -3 leading(bottom part ) & up-downward Wrap occasions select 3-12RPM varied turntable rate by regularity changer Adjustable carriage up/straight down pace Period pause capacity Manual carriage up/straight down switch Turntable jog button Optimum stress dimension(mm): 200 (L)1200(W)2400(H) Turntable size: 1650mm Turntable Size: 85 millimeters Turntable body weight capability: 2000kg Turntable rate: 3-12rpm Machine bodyweight: 600kg Motor Unit: 110V 50HZ / 1Phase Energy: 1.2kw Machine dim(millimeters): 2625( L)1650( W)2895( H) Packing productivity: 20-40 plenty/hr Film carriage Other Rubbing braking system (factor film pressure management ) Durable chain carriage lift, calm and safety Safety stop and avoid foot crush Easy-to-open mast for quick handling Back end Forklift transportable Options Turntable Ramp Pneumatic leading plate Packing height: 2800mm Turntable diameter: 1800mm, 2000mm Turntable ability: 2500kgs, 3000kgs Machine colour 1650mm Size Architectural steel plate 85mm low profile turntable Situation turntable alignment Delicate start off /soft quit High quality chain travel We specialise in electrically powered 90° tipper systems handling 200 kgs to 15000kgs and build machines purely to order according to the size and weight of your loads and your methods of handling. The 90° tipper's most common programs include tipping paper reels by way of 90° for finalizing and converting metal coils to suit shipping or storage space specifications.

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