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FHOPE Series: Horizontal ring wrapper



horizontal orbital ring wrapper




Intelligent horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine for that  of merchandise employing stretch film. Change elevation of both conveyors with handle PLC User Interface Table (* see details under) Conveyors speed handled by inverter Rotating speed controlled by inverter Fast release arbor for transforming film roll with technical clutch to stretch the film Inlet and outlet top rated pneumatic pressures to assist goods Special clamp and cutting system system with piston twin cerebrovascular accident By push-button or peda, starting cyclesl Auto decreasing and film clamping Capable to interface current collections Non-obligatory: Distinctive slicing as well as heat seal off of the tail (referred to as salda-rule) Electronic digital control over velocity, recollection storage space of the doing work information (Electronic digital Recollection) Welding model to the full closing of the package (referred to as Full Close) * PCL to create the following features: Pair of the starting and ending situation of wrapping List of the quantity of film revolution initially and following the wrapping routine Pair of wrapping Courses: 1) continuous wrapping 2) head¨Ctail wrapping 3) wrapping at intervals disconnecting pressure system Put together auto machines for the overall closing of the package. Total Near type is produced up with: Two reels wrapper for the longitudinal wrapping as well as the shutting down in the package heads Avvolgi pack automated machine for that horizontal wrapping to end the entire shutting down of the package Built in characteristics: Modification level of the two conveyors with manage PLC Cpanel Table (see details under) Conveyors pace handled by inverter Revolving speed operated by inverter Swift relieve arbor for transforming film roll with mechanised clutch system to stretch the film outlet and Inlet leading pneumatic pressures to aid products Unique clamp and cutting unit system with piston double stroke Starting cycles by push-button or pedal Intelligent reducing and film clamping Capable of interface current facial lines Recommended: the special decreasing and heat close off of the tail (referred to as salda-program code) Electronic digital power over pace, storage storage space of your operating details (Digital Memory) * PCL to put the subsequent functions: Pair of the ending and starting place of wrapping Pair of the amount of film revolution at the beginning and after the wrapping cycle Pair of wrapping Programs: 1) constant wrapping 2) brain-tail wrapping 3) wrapping at intervals disconnecting stress system

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