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        Horizontal stretch wrapper

particularly palletizing and pallet packaging - play a critical role in safeguarding product in its highest value-added state for delivery to and use by customers

       pallet stretch wrapper

       Automatic pallet  wrapping machine

 The automatic pallet wrapping machine of our company has passed CE certification. It's for automatic pallet packaging requirement.


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FHOPE Series: Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper



The process of assert 1 whereby the strip material is a adapted to cling to itself and whereby every subsequent convolution clings towards the primary convolution. 3. The approach of declare 2 in which the strip is pressed nearby its cut stop against the root convolution thereof for resulting in it to cling nearby its lower end to the primary convolution. 4. The method of assert 3 in which the strip material is warmed exactly where pressed in opposition to stated underlying convolution for improving the hang on. 5. The approach of state 1 in which the gripping products, gripping the strip material, are transferred outwardly for their outer position, the strip material being extended laterally adjacent its top conclusion past its authentic thickness, the strip material simply being twisted throughout the operate and over the best finish in the strip material involving the gripping gadgets. 6. The approach of claim 5 where the strip material is one modified to hang on to on its own and whereby every single subsequent convolution clings to the underlying convolution. 7. The technique of state 6 where the strip is pushed adjacent its cut stop from the root convolution thereof for leading to it to cling nearby its minimize stop to the primary convolution. 8. The process of claim 7 of tray stretch bundler where the strip material is warmed where pressed in opposition to explained fundamental convolution for enhancing the hang on. 9. Apparatus for wrapping adaptable stretchable sheet plastic material strip material all around work to be enwrapped comprising: path for holding the job at a wrapping station for having strip material packaged about it together with the wrapping going on usually inside a predetermined plane, means for keeping a roll of the strip material for rotation in the roll around the try to wrap the strip material throughout the are employed in stated plane, gripping means for gripping strip material in the roll at complete opposite edges thereof adjacent its leading stop for holding it as the roll is rotated around the work for wrapping the strip material around the operate, mentioned gripping implies comprising a couple of gripping devices each closeable on reverse confronts of the strip material for gripping it and openable for software to the strip material and then for withdrawal through the strip material, mentioned gripping gadgets becoming movable between an external situation spaced a extended distance higher than the thickness of the strip material and an inside position for gripping the strip material at opposite aspects thereof surrounding its top end, means for shifting the gripping gadgets involving mentioned outer and inner situation, means for opening and closing the gripping units, method for transferring the roll keeping means to shift the roll of strip material relative to the job across the work; and method for cutting the strip material to perform the wrapping and provide a new leading finish of the strip material for the next wrapping procedure, the path for moving the roll keeping signifies getting operable to effect longitudinal stretching out from the strip material because it is packaged, and also to wrap a plurality of convolutions in the strip material throughout the job, such as a very first convolution plus a previous convolution, the 1st convolution getting extended entirely around the work with each subsequent convolution being stretched across the previous convolution.

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