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FHOPE Series: Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper



 Stretch film orbital wrapping machine Car minimize Andseize film right after place finished Ideal for high, unpredictable items Horizontal circulation wrapping machine / Horizontal stretch film wrapping machine with conveyor/ metallic wire horizontal packaging collection Features: 2The Omron inverter manage, changeable packing speed; 2According to the orbital stretch wrapper packaging requirements to adjust the amount of overlap in the packaging materials, very easy to run; 2Roller contact with the item are created from polyurethane plastic material case digesting, ensure the appearance of the product is not damaged; 2 Push-option functioning panel, easy, low failure level Parameter Packing OD: 500-1000mm Capacity: 20-35s/computer Film width: 100mm Electric motor: 1.2KW/AC220V/50Hz Loading excess weight: 300Kg Machine weight: 500Kg Remark: This model is suitable of the extended tube products packing. Suitable for tube of 1500x1000 and 1500x500mm millimeters and .57x2.07x1.0m Because in the size of .57x2.07x1.0m, 2.07 is too long. A significant selection of fibrous and filmic page supplies have already been utilized for band orbital stretch wrapper wrapping even though the ones that are utilized most extensively are versatile linens of various forms of synthetic plastics components which have different degrees of stretch ability when put through stress. A substance which was produced lately called 'one area cling stretch film' is of especial use for wrapping uses. This material is actually a very stretchable artificial plastic materials materials that has mildly stress delicate sticky characteristics using one area and virtually no these kinds of qualities on the reverse side. For that reason really acceptable packages can be used using this materials due to the fact overlapping bands in the all around the posts hang on to 1 an additional and thereby increase the dependability in the wrapping. At the same time if two packages came into contact they do not adhere to one another or to other surfaces for example the surfaces of mechanical handling conveyors.


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