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 Tyre wrapping machine with special designing---2013-07-05


packaging machine for tires call tyre wrapping machine which has been designed specifically for warehouse of manufacturers or sellers of tires. There are different type of tyre wrapping machine or coil wrapping machine for different wrapping requirement.

The stretch film wrapping machine ensures one or more tires with nice package. It depending on the size of the machine and its needs.

The packed tyre is able to anti-rust and have a nice surface. The operator operates the machine at every stage of the tightening cycle, as well as the setting and cut of the film (the automatic functions) operation of the machine packing cycle: 1 Manual insertion and centering of the second wheel in the machine for start up the tires packing - the operator press button  and put the tires to the level of the third from packaging - an operator  is push start to began wrapping the fourth tire Rotate the tires during the current cycle, the  tyre as rotating as wrapping. - the operator manually rotates the tire during operation easy adjustment fifth specially adapted transport envelope Completion - the operator with the pedal or the button. Attach it stops automatically sixth ring and Reduction film -  reduces operator enveloped by a pedal or button no 1 or 8. The operator manually moves the tire from machine.

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