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 Stretch wrapping machine is a better packing solution for pallet wrapping---2013-07-04


Stretch wrapping machine typical packaging systems, including small parts conveyor (chemical raw materials, bags, single weight 25Kg), robotic palletizing, pallet positions automatically entered into the system tray by type laminating machine (apical membrane covering), wrapping and packaging machines stamp plate output.
Final packaging Result: bagged raw code on standard pallets, plus stamp plate covering the top of the apical membrane, and then the next step to complete the film wrapped packaging.
Working Object: chemical raw materials and other powder bags, cartons and other small pieces of packaging.
Use of raw materials:
Tray: Standard pallet or other non-standard pallets (please feel free to contact 0531-67803587 Technology);
Capped film: PE, PVC, PT film 30-100μm;
Stretch :20-30μmLLDPE stretched film.
The tray positions filled, and in the condition that at least two trays constantly filled tray positions;
Will be placed in the apical membrane laminating machine;
The stretch film pallet wrapping machine device.
Division of work described in paragraph equipment:
1, the pallet (pallet) position, the pipeline used to store trays, up to 15 standard pallets;
2, pallet conveyors, pallet positions in the output tray in this preparation;
3, stacking conveyors, where the robot will complete palletizing work efficiency of up to 1,200 / hour;
4, through the type laminating machine and conveyors, pallet goods directly to the apical membrane does not stop covering the pallets on the efficiency of up to 80 / hour or more;
5, automatic pallet wrapping machine, complete automatic stretch wrapping, the efficiency can be as large 50 / hour;
6, the output transmission lines, where it waits to complete pallet packing goods leave the conveyor.

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