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Stretch hood machine in China.


The stretch hood machine  has been designed to integrate with the various production processes and end of line palletized packaging of all kinds of loads and be a part of automatic packaging line. For example, the stretch hood machine is wildly used to package of structural ceramics or flat, glass bottles, bags load, cans and bottles, etc ...:

The FHOPE automatic stretch hood packaging line is able to provide following packing equipment, it consists of: wrapping horizontal and one vertical, stretch hood machine and shrinking wrapping solution.

The process of stretch hood machine system is by continuous plastic roll automatically selected depending on the height and width of the pallet to be packed. After cuts and seals the case to continue with the process shrink.

At this stage, the stretch hood machine handles continuous film attached to the pallet by means of heat by gas combustion. There with the product is perfectly encased with the pallet, making therefore safer when transport it. In addition to protect from atmospheric attack.

stretch hood machine

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