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Pipe bundling machine, pipe bundle packing machine in China.


In plastic pipe production industry the pipe bundle making and pipe bundle packing is always trouble many manufacturer. Because of there is need staff for collecting the pipe online. In packing process, there is need manually counting and bundle making. It requires so many manually work. And the worker have to 24 hour working for business production schedule. Therefore the labor cost and management cost caused a lot. So the manufacturer looking for an automatic pipe bundling machine and pipe bundle packing machine to replace the manually work.


The team of FHOPE have designed and produced the pipe bundling machine and pipe bundling packing machine which is to solve the problem.

Automatic Pipe bundling machine is used in high-speed packing of produced pipes; The machine collecting the pipe and  and bundle making according the number of pipes, shaped pipes and packing unit are processed by PLC&HMI program control system.


1. High-speed online pipe bundle making
2. Bundle making according pipe number
3. PLC&HMI control system
4. The pipe bundle strapping, bundling unit
5. Easy change of the size of pipe and size of bundle
6. Online automatic operation
7. Saving of labor cost


Pipe bundling machine is for pipe bundle making strapping, pipe bundle packing machine is able to provide wrapping or bag packing for bundles. Welcome to contact with us for more information. Our team will provide a solution according your packing requirement.


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