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 Packaging Machinery is Outstanding in Packing Industry--2013-07-13


Machine promotes the production and indicates the boost development of producing. Package machinery replaces manual package, a large of packing machines enhance production. Synthesize domestic and oversea marketing information, could find that the demand of packaging machinery becomes more and more great. Especially the steel coil wrapping machine, cable coil wrapping machine, tyre packing machine, orbital wrapper, pipe bundle wrapper, stretch film pallet wrapping machine, bearing packaging machinery, steel pipes packing lines, etc.


Packaging machinery provides a necessary development space for modern metallurgical industry. As the metallurgical industry has more strict and special requirement than food package industry. Not only to make sure the security in packing process, but also ensure the packaged object looks beauty, tidy, smooth and water-proof, dustproof, anti-aging, etc. These make the metallurgical industry packaging machinery to be a special machine industry such as orbital wrapper, coil wrapping machine.


At present, our packaging machinery industry independent R&D ability is limited. To meet the packing requirement, positive participation international compete, it should be change low-tech and individual machine state to high-tech and packing line state. Connecting with other packing devices, make the package machinery industry to be a packing system. Some experts indicate that the packaging machinery industry towards to multi-function, modularization, intelligent control, high precision structure evolution in the future.


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