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The importance of independent innovation in coil wrapping machinery industry---2013-07-06


Key words: independent innovation, coil wrapping machinery industry, coil packaging equipments


In recent years, coil wrapping machinery industry enterprises are strengthening their ability about independent development and innovation, which to improve the product popularity. Our domestic coil packaging equipments basically meet the demands of exterior wrapping technology. However, with the development and mature of domestic market, consumers’ requirements about product quality are gradually increasing, as the same as the packaging technology and equipment.

With the current fast development of our coil wrapping machine, coil wrapping industry is offering new opportunity to our coil wrapping machinery industry. Coil wrapping machinery industry in our country's modern development should be based on combined with national conditions and their own law of development of industry characteristics, and set up national characteristics of the industry equipment system.

In conclusion, with the ability of independent innovation, our domestic coil wrapping machinery industry will be prosperous in future.


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