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 Coil wrapper  selling with special designing---2013-07-06


Coil wrapper in FHOPE are specialized in PROVIDING stretch coil wrapper for almost all size of coil models including jumbo and hot roll coil. With our replacement coil wrapping machine you have excellent saving as we guarantee for cheapest price on the market. 
Coil packing solution can be very expansive if you are get a wrong suggestion we have very wide range of cheap replacement wrapping machine which is quite fit with original design and does the job without compromising quality. All our coil wrapper /wrapping machines are fits very well with high quality production. 
Our service are quick and reliable. we have after service for almost all make and models of coil wrapper, if you order before 3 days. This is subject to availability. Most of our coil wrapper are ready to fit with minimal effort. We are based in SHANGHAI.


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